About PRyde

PRYDE’s overarching goal is to make the New York State 4-H Youth Development Program (NYS 4-H) a “living laboratory” for research and evaluation, using science to determine the best ways of promoting optimal youth development. Acting as an institute, PRYDE engages faculty throughout Cornell to develop research that fosters youth development and promote innovative intervention studies that solve problems affecting youth. This approach continues the legacy of Urie Bronfenbrenner by blending science and service in a unique and effective way.

Our work toward this goal will be guided by several objectives:

  • Develop research areas that directly benefit NYS 4-H youth
  • Engage 4-H youth in social science research
  • Engage Cornell students in translational youth development research and practice
  • Create a network of “research ready” NYS 4-H youth development educators

Through these objectives, we aim to create solid and enduring partnerships between county 4-H staff and Cornell researchers to the improvement of both science and service, and to the benefit of New York State youth.