This year, two representatives from PRYDE attended and presented their research at the New York State Association of Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Educators Conference (NYSACCE4-HE) in Ellicottville, NY on October 10th -12th. Dr. Jen Agans, PRYDE assistant director, presented preliminary results of her research on campus-county collaboration processes, and Dr. Rachel Sumner, PRYDE postdoc, presented her work on how 4-H programming promotes the development of purpose in youth.

The NYSACCE4-HE is an annual conference where 4-H educators and staff from all over the state gather for various professional workshops and presentations as well as to network with their colleagues. This year’s theme was “Exploring New Frontiers in Positive Youth Development,” a topic that strikes at the heart of what Cornell researchers aim to do in their work through PRYDE.

“I always appreciate attending because it helps me meet 4-H practitioners that I might not have met before, connect with those I do have relationships with, and learn about the current concerns and needs across the state.” says Dr. Agans.

One salient theme from the conference was the need to better promote diversity and inclusion in New York State youth programs. Dr. Sumner comments that “the one presentation that really stands out in my memory was done by a team from Schuyler County, and they shared with us what they learned during the experience of making their summer camp more inclusive for a young person who identifies as transgender.”

Upon returning from the conference, both PRYDE researchers reported how much they enjoyed being immersed in the 4-H culture and how much they appreciate the work that 4-H educators do for youth every day.


By Esther Kim

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