PRYDE's impact this far


In January of this year, PRYDE published a progress report that details all the outcomes and accomplishments of the program since its conception in 2016. The report is currently available to all in an online format that allows for easy navigation through the quick-links in the table of contents. In order to effectively summarize the numerous projects that PRYDE is currently sponsoring, the progress report is organized using a system that highlights the activities, outputs, and impacts of each research area.

The publication showcases the real-world effects that PRYDE is creating by fostering collaborative research in youth development. The report is an opportunity to share with the larger Cornell community and others about the good work that PRYDE is doing.

In his co-director's letter, Dr. Burrow writes, “I want to expand the circles of community surrounding young people…PRYDE is uniquely designed to create and maintain these circles by producing high-quality translational science with clear benefits to youth.” His words come to life in the magazine in later sections where each of the outcomes of PRYDE’s theme area projects are highlighted.

The report also profiles and features the work of PRYDE faculty, staff, and affiliates. Included in this growing list are members of the PRYDE 4-H Work Team, undergraduate PRYDE Scholars, and other Cornell Cooperative Extension senior associates such as Andrew Turner, the director of the New York State 4-H Youth Program.


By Esther Kim

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